Why Did You Choose to Become a Respiratory Therapist?

When we were little kids, we had a clear idea of what we wanted to become. Children are specific in what they want to achieve in life. They want to become doctors, nurses, artists, architects and engineers to name a few. As they grow older, their preferences are changed.

For a respiratory therapist, what are some of their reasons why they chose this career among the others? Does it have a special meaning for them? Are they inspired by someone? At times that their work is weighing them down and almost wants to make them give up, it is best to reminisce and remember the reason you become a respiratory therapist.

First Realization

How did you arrive at a decision that you want to be a respiratory therapist? I am sure there is an underlying reason for some people to choose this career. It could be a childhood dream, or it could be because of a death of a loved one due to cardiopulmonary disease that inspires you to pursue this career.


We become what we are because we have our idols and role models. Some people became respiratory therapist because they are inspired by someone. It could be a close family or a friend. Whoever it is, being inspired by a role model could help you decide to take this career path.

Fascination with Science

Most career in medical care deals with Science. It is more evident in respiratory therapy because there are different components needed to help a patient overcome the different cardiopulmonary diseases. If you are a person who lives and breathes Science especially the respiratory system then the most obvious choice of career for you is to become a respiratory therapist.

Concern for the Environment and Health

A respiratory therapist is not only after the treatment of the breathing diseases but they are also after the prevention. In fact, they preferred to prevent the diseases than treat it. What prompted them to choose this profession is the concern that the environment is the main culprit why some people have problems with their respiratory system. They want to make help make the world a better world to breathe in. This is the action that they will take in order to be of help to the society and the people in it.

Whatever is the reason why some people choose the field of respiratory therapy, there is one major goal at hand. That is to give patients a fighting chance to overcome their breathing problems.

Source by Katrina Millar