Understanding the World of a Superyacht Crew Member

I am sure that almost everyone at sometime has questioned their path in life, and whether or not they have completed enough to be satisfied. Most of the time this is done by looking at the career path that one takes when they graduate high school or college and deciding whether or not this is what they want to do forever. The fact of the matter is that in society we are told that a life in a cubicle and eventually a corner office is a pretty good path to take. But one career path that is severely ever mentioned Let alone thought about is one out on the open sea. Sure most people hear that and say "I really do not want to join the Navy just to ride on a boat in the ocean." But what about a career on privately chartered superyachts, traveling the world and rubbing shoulders with billionaires, movie stars, and huge political figures? I do not know about you but that does not sound too badly bad to me.

If you are still reading this article it means that you are at least interested to find out what plan of action you might need to take if you wanted to pursue a career of working on superyachts. Well there are a few ways that you can do this; the first of which would be the dockwalk. Now the dockwalk means just how it sounds, you walk the dock and speak with whomever is in charge on the ship and see if they have any jobs for you. Doing this does not always guarantee that you will land a year long contract, but it could lead to some day work where you can at least earn some money to pay the rent while you are trying to land a job. This is probably one of the more difficult ways to get work but it can be very effective if you are good with talking to people.

The second way to start working on a superyacht is to find an agency that specializes in finding crews for yachts. These agencies can be a very good connection into landing a long term job on one of these superyachts. Possibly the best thing about these agencies is that most of them have some sort of school built into their program to train those who have never had any experience with this type of thing. So after you pay tuition, you get all the training you need and they have a job placement program. Seems like this option is the way to go if you are used to a more formal style of job searching.

The third and best way to get to working on a superyacht (if you already have the certificates that is), is networking. Now obviously it is much easier to land a job if you have built a great rapport with people in the industry which is why I say this is the best way to land a job. But no matter what career field you are in, networking is one of the more difficult things to do until you have spent some time in the field already. So chances of landing your first job this way is extremely unbelievably, but after years in the business and some good work ethic, this method will most likely land you your best paying and easiest jobs.

Source by Daniel Larken