TEFL Is a Life-Changing International Experience

Living and working in a foreign country as an ESL / EFL teacher is much more than teaching and traveling. Stepping into the world of TEFL and deciding to explore the unfamiliar terrains come with a promise of an overseas adventure. It is a unique opportunity to navigate a new country, immersing in a different culture and becoming a part of the local community. It is not only about teaching English to a group of budding English speakers but taking them on a new journey acquaining them with a language and culture different from their own. With English assuming the role of global language, there has been an unpresented demand for ESL / EFL teachers around the world.

Teaching English abroad provides a great opportunity for TEFL aspirants not only to visit far flung countries and be acquainted with a new culture but to get exposed to a new world altogether. Teaching English is no more restricted to a brick and mortar classroom and it has broken all the physical boundaries opening the gate to new opportunities. All one needs to do is get certified in teaching English as a foreign language and then short list the preferred locations which will lead the way to unique explorations of untraveled paths, meeting interesting people on the way and expanding horizons both on the personal and professional arenas .

Teaching English abroad is a lot different from traditional experience. ESL / EFL teaching across nations in different classrooms is a unique multicultural experience. Although it comes with its unique set of challenges yet it is rewarding at the same time. Handling multi-cultural students may be intimidating but it provides a chance to becoming a part of the linguistic and cultural environment of a foreign nation. It is a great learning experience for the teachers as well. While ESL / EFL teachers are helping non-English speakers to get acquainted with the language of global communication, in turn they can also learn the local language which will help further in the immersion of local culture.

TEFL aspirants with a passion for teaching and eager to feed their wanderlust all at the same time could be a part of this international adventure where there is a chance to earn money as well along the way. The teachers gain varied international teaching experiences as they can try their hand at teaching in government and private schools, language institutes, international schools or can get involved in corporate training and be a part of international business environment gaining valuable exposure. TEFL teachers can also go for volunteer work teaching underprivileged children in Africa, Asia or Latin America or volunteer for community service learning helping learners to bring a change in their lives. These experiences will not only serve as a life-changing international experience but aid in enhancing one's professional resume as well.