Be Careful About Student Loans – Part 1

There is a lot to consider before you considering signing up for student loans. If you have never signed up for student loans before and have never really borrowed money, then you need to think twice. Student loans sound like a great idea if you are going to school. I am not saying not to borrow money to go to school, but I am telling you to ask yourself why you are going to school. What is the real reason you are going to school? Are you going just to get a degree? Are you going to get a specific trade or skill certification or certificate? Are you going because its expected of you? Do you have a plan after school that you are going to put in action? Are you going because your friends are going? These are just some of the questions that you will have to consider before you go to college.

I personally went to school and wasted time and money because others wanted me to. Do not get me wrong I wanted to have a good job that paid well, but I had no set plan. I was just a kid that was wondering around in the world trying to really do what my mom and family wanted me to do. I never really thought about why I was going to go to school. You have to think about what is best for you. If you come from a family like I have, then you will know that you will be the one paying back the loan that you borrow. You just cant default on student loans, they do not just go away. You can get jobs that will allow you to not pay them back, but you need to know what the jobs are before you go and do this.

So many parents just want to tell their kids that college is the thing to do. Just go and get a piece of paper. I think its a great idea to go to college, but I think you should really consider scholarships and going in state where its affordable. If you have wonderful grades then you do not really have to worry about it, but if you have to pay it back, think twice.

When you sit down to think about paying something back, the only question that you usually ask is, how much will it be each month. I'm only borrowing 20000, its not that bad. My car costs almost that much and I really want a car that costs more than that. Its not that bad. I can pay that back. And it goes on and on. You will rationalize why you want to spend money on something to justify how you feel. This is just how we are wired and what is going on benefit the conscious mind.

Consider what you really want to do in life before going to college and signing up for DEBT. DEBT should be used to make money, not finance play time.

Source by Darius Maslow